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Fat Dissolve


Ultrasonic Lipo

Treatment Price List

Botulinum Toxin/Anti Wrinkle Injections

Botulinum Toxin/Anti Wrinkle Injections

Areas Injectable: Forehead, Frown Lines, Eyes, Nose Lines, Gummy Smile, Smokers Lines, Lip Pop, Jowls Jawlines. Chin and neck.

1 area £80

2 areas £140

3 areas £180

Model price – 3 areas £99

Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating) £280

Model price £180

Dermal Fillers

Areas available: Lips, Philtrum, Smokers Lines, Nasabial (Nose to Mouth Lines), Sad Lines, Marionettes (Mouth to Chin Lines), Upper Cheeks, Lower Cheeks, Tear Trough (Under Eyes) – with Cannula, Jawline, Chin, Rhinoplasty (Non-surgical Nose Job)

1.2ml £130

0.6ml £80

Model price – 1.2ml £80, 0.6ml £40

Tear Trough with Cannula


Model price £100

Skin Boosters

Areas available: Face Lines and Rejuvenation, Neck Lines, Chest, Décolletage/Cleavage area and Hands

1.2ml £120

Model price £80

Mesotherapy/fat dissolving/facial rejuvenation for acne/dry, dull skin

Skin Lines, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Scars, Wound Healing, Hair Growth, Cellulite

Between £60 to £150 depending upon consultation

Model fat dissolving £50

Model face, cellulite and hair £20

Mesotherapy Pink Glow

Facial rejuvenation (same as Mesotherapy) £80 *Course of 3-4 £60 per session

Model price £40

Deso Fat Dissolving 


Model price £TBA

Chemical Peels


Model price £30

PRP / Vampire Facials


Model price £50

Micro Needling


Model price £20

Microsclerotherapy (Leg thread vein removal)

1st session £150

2nd session £130

Model price £79

B12 Injections 


Model price £10



Model price £10

Plasma Pen

For Skin Tightening, Stretch Marks, Scars, Skin Tags and Age Spot Removal £50-£100

Eyes (upper eyelid and eye bags) £150

Stomach £280

Neck £260

Model price any area £99

Cavitation / RF Treatment  

£55 x 30mins, £75 x 45mins, £100 x 1 hour

Model price £35

Buttock Filler


Model price £800-£1500

Hifu Treatments

Face & Overall Body Tightening including Bum, Breast & Vaginal Tightening

Between £125 – £250 price confirmed on consultation

Also available weight loss injections and medication

Please note a consultation with a nurse practitioner is required.

I offer finance at an extra 10% of overall cost of treatment