Fat Dissolve

Fat Dissolve


Fat dissolving mesotherapy is a process whereby the product, made up of several ingredients, is injected superficially to target and dissolve the fat stored in the adipocytes or fat cells. These ingredients allow the fat to be absorbed eliminated through your urine, whilst rehydrating, regenerating and improving the synthesis of collagen

Recommended for people between normal and slightly over weight who have localised areas of fat and for people wishing to optimise and maintain the results of fat reduction treatments like non surgical liposuction. The pinch test is recommended with a minimum of 1.5cm for treatment areas.

Results can be permanent but vary with each client and can be dependent on the amount of fat deposits. Some patients may see the results after one treatment session, for others it may take four to five sessions. It is recommended to have a course of treatment if required and to maintain the results with diet and exercise.

You may experience soreness, redness, bruising, and swelling on the treated areas after a mesotherapy session between 6-72 hours. These usually subside within a few days. On rare occasions, there is also the risk of allergic reaction to the injected ingredients.

Depending on the area treated, your metabolism and body type, results from the treatment can often be noticed after the 1st session or may require more treatments every 2 weeks, about 4-5 weeks after your last treatment depending on your metabolism and body type. Inflammation will be present up to 4 weeks after treatment, which will limit any visible results.


• Ice can be applied to the area to reduce swelling
• You will note some redness, stinging, and burning for a few hours after treatment.
• Swelling and bruising, will peak between 6-72 hours.
• Avoid anti-inflammatories or vitamin e for 24 hours after the treatment.
• Tanning beds, strenuous exercise, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and massages are not recommended for 48 hours after treatment.
• Avoid alcohol to facilitate hepatic handling of toxins.
• After 48 hours, massaging, hot baths or showers are recommended to assist in the healing.
• You may experience several post-inflammatory nodules. These indicate ongoing fat necrosis (a good thing…) These will disappear within 30 days.
• Drink water and eat a high fibre, low carbohydrate, high protein diet for 72 hours to optimise the results.

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