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What is an aesthetics emergency kit?

What is an aesthetics emergency kit?

20 Apr 2021

Emergency Kits: An Essential for Safe Practice

Keep yourself and your clients safe by keeping our emergency kit on hand, which will prepare you to manage all complications. 


As an aesthetic practitioner, patient safety should be your top priority. Just like every procedure, aesthetic treatments always come with a small risk and complications can happen to even the most experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. In the (very unlikely) event a complication does occur, our emergency kit will ensure you are prepared for every situation. The contents of the kit have been carefully selected by top aesthetic doctors,  giving you and your clients peace of mind. 

So, what is in the emergency kit?



The kit contains 2 ampules of 1500 unit hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase plays an important role reversing hyaluronic acid filler related complications. This product contains hyaluronidase enzymes, which act as dispersion agents by breaking down hyaluronic acid fillers by depolymerising the hyaluronic acid, leading to its degradation. This can be used for several indications, including vascular occlusion, filler induced blindness, the Tyndall effect, unacceptable cosmetic outcomes, delayed onset nodules and allergic or immunogenic reactions to hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronidase comes as a powder, which is reconstituted with normal saline or sodium chloride. Following this, it is injected into the area of concern in order to degrade the filler. 

Sodium Chloride and Normal Saline Solutions

Either of these products can be used to reconstitute hyaluronidase to reverse the effects of filler. Once reconstituted, the syringe must be rotated to ensure all hyaluronidase powder is dissolved. The kit includes 20 ml each of the sodium chloride and normal saline solutions. This allows for smaller volumes to be used in an emergency or larger volumes for a non emergency, such as dissolving larger amounts of filler at the request of a client.



Also in the kit is a pack of 28x 75mg aspirin tablets. This is to be used in the event of vascular compromise or occlusion. This is when filler is mis-injected into blood vessels, partially or fully restricting blood flow. Aspirin irreversibly inhibits prostaglandin H synthase in platelets, which then blocks the formation of the platelet aggregant, thromboxone A2. This makes the blood thinner as platelets will not stick together, allowing easier blood flow through the vessels and reduced inflammation. 


Timolol Eye Drops

5ml timolol 0.5% eye drops are also included in the emergency kit, to be used if complications related to the eye area occur. This could be botox causing drooping of the eye area, or filler causing pressure or compromise of the retinal artery. Filler induced blindness can occur if filler is injected into the retinal artery, which will deprive the retina of oxygen and lead to blindness. If this complication occurs, the aim is to reduce intraocular pressure and resume blood flow. Timolol eye drops can be used to reduce the pressure within the eye as this drug blocks adrenoreceptors in the ciliary body of the eye. This reduces the rate of production of aqueous humor therefore reducing intraocular pressure, whilst hyaluronidase can dissolve the misplaced filler. 



Loratadine is an antihistamine and is included in the kit in case a client experiences an allergic reaction. The kit contains 28x 10mg loratadine tablets, to be used in the event of a reaction to hyaluronidase, or dermal filler itself. This drug will minimise the symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as itchy eyes, nose or throat, by blocking the action of histamine, the chemical that produces allergy symptoms. 


An epipen is also included in the emergency kit. This is a pre-filled disposable automatic injection device which is designed to deliver a single dose of adrenaline. This would be used in the event a client experiences anaphylaxis, in reaction to the aesthetic procedure they have undergone. This medication can control the body’s allergic reaction by relaxing muscles in the airways to make breathing easier, helping reverse the rapid and dangerous decrease in blood pressure, whilst also relaxing the muscles in the stomach, intestines and bladder. It is a legal requirement for practitioners to have an epipen when delivering treatments and if anaphylaxis were to occur, the practitioner must ring 999 in order to receive permission to administer the epipen.


Needles and Syringes

Also included in the emergency kit are:

  • 2ml Luer-lok Syringe x2

  • 10ml Luer-lok Syringe x2

  • 1ml Graduated Syringe x3

  • 23G Blue Needles x4

  • 27G Grey Needles x2 

  • 30G Yellow Needles x2


These consumables ensure you have the equipment needed to administer the hyaluronidase, sodium chloride and normal saline, allowing you to be fully prepared for any complication that could occur. 


This emergency kit contains everything you need to keep your clients and yourself safe whilst practicing, and is a necessity for all aesthetic practitioners.  Buy yours now by here.