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Can Fillers Make You Age Faster?

Can Fillers Make You Age Faster?

12 Apr 2024

Fillers are special gels or liquids injected under the skin to add volume and fade out wrinkles and folds on the face. They have become super popular, especially among women who want to turn back the clock on facial ageing. 

However, some wonder if using too many fillers makes you age faster in the long run. Some are concerned that repeated injections and skin stretching might cause premature ageing.
That's why we'll highlight the potential risks of fillers and explore whether they can speed up the ageing process. Our blog will also look at tips to minimise the risk of fillers.

Potential Risks Of Fillers

If you plan to get fillers, here are some problems associated with fillers that you should be aware of:

Need to Get Follow Ups

While fillers can give you an instant youthful boost, they don't last forever. Most fillers only stick around for six months to a couple of years before they get absorbed by your body. That means you'll need to keep getting follow-up injections to maintain those plump, smooth results.

Loss Of Elasticity

The problem is that repeatedly injecting fillers under your skin can cause some issues over time. Think of it like constantly inflating a balloon – at some point, the balloon will lose its stretch and start looking saggy and wrinkled.

 With each filler injection, your skin gets stretched out a little more. Too much stretching can ultimately damage your skin's elasticity, which allows it to snap back into place. When your skin loses that elasticity, you'll likely see premature sagging, wrinkles, and an overall aged appearance.

Formation of Lumps

 Another big risk is if the fillers aren't injected properly or into the right areas. Injections done by inexperienced providers can leave you with lumps, bumps, or an unnatural ‘overfilled’ look that makes you seem older.

What is Your Skin’s Natural Ageing Process?

Knowing the natural skin aging process is important to better understand the filler process. Let’s have an overview:

The Collagen and Elastin Decline

Our skin changes naturally as we age because of decreases in two important proteins - collagen and elastin. Collagen gives our skin firmness, and elastin allows the skin to snap back after stretching or pulling.

As we grow older, our bodies make less collagen and elastin as we grow older, resulting in saggy, wrinkled, and plump skin. Without enough collagen, skin loses its smoothness. And less elastin means the skin can't bounce back as easily, so wrinkles and lines become permanent.

Sun Exposure Accelerates Aging

Another huge factor that causes the skin to age prematurely is exposure to UV rays from the sun. The sun's rays break down collagen and elastin in the skin faster than age. Years of sun damage leave skin looking dull, leathery, and older than its age. 

Other Aging Factors

Besides the collagen/elastin decline and sun exposure, other things can also influence how quickly each person's skin ages, like:

  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • Genetics

The Debate: Can Fillers Accelerate Ageing?

Whether fillers can speed up the visible signs of ageing has been hotly debated in the cosmetic industry. On one side are those who argue that fillers can damage the skin's elasticity and youthful appearance over time when used excessively or incorrectly. 

On the other hand, providers maintain that fillers are safe when administered properly and don't accelerate ageing. Critics' main concern is that repeated skin stretching and trauma from filler injections may cause the collagen and elastin fibres to break down prematurely. 

As we discussed, collagen and elastin are the building blocks that keep skin smooth, firm and wrinkle-free. If those supportive fibres become damaged before their time, the skin can look saggy, wrinkled, and aged.

Those favouring fillers argue that this risk is minimal when fillers are done conservatively by skilled injectors. They say any perceived ageing is simply the product of poorly executed filler treatments that leave people overfilled or with irregular results.

Minimising the Risks of Fillers

While there are potential risks with using too many fillers, there are ways to minimise those risks and help keep your skin looking youthful for longer:

Go Easy and Avoid Overfilling

The biggest mistake is going overboard with fillers to get an overfilled, puffy look. A heavy hand can stretch out your skin too much. The key is to use fillers moderately and stick to subtle enhancements.

See an Experienced Injector

Where you get your fillers done matters a lot; only see licensed, experienced injectors who know facial anatomy. They'll inject it properly to avoid lumpiness or an ‘overfilled’ appearance.

Incorporate Other Treatments

Don't rely just on fillers for anti-ageing. Use them as part of an overall ‘anti-ageing system’  that includes good skincare, laser treatments, a healthy lifestyle, etc. This reduces filler dependence.

Take Filler Breaks

Go filler-free for periods to allow your skin to 'reset'. This allows it to recover some elasticity before receiving more filler.

Protect Your Skin's Health

Taking good care of your skin's overall health is crucial. Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and eat anti-oxidant-rich foods - this helps maintain elasticity.

Be Patient and Realistic

Fillers can't stop ageing completely, so have realistic expectations. Be patient and avoid chasing an unnatural, overfilled look.

Final Remarks

Fillers can be an effective method to turn back the clock, but they come with potential risks of accelerating skin ageing if overused or injected improperly. The key is moderation - conserving fillers as part of an overall anti-ageing strategy that includes good skincare and lifestyle habits. Be wary of overfilling and damaging your skin's elasticity. You can enjoy fillers ' rejuvenating benefits with realistic expectations and an experienced injector while avoiding premature ageing.