Advanced Dermal Filler Training

Advanced Dermal Filler

Advanced dermal fillers this is designed for practitioners that have at least 6 months experience in basic dermal fillers. This course teaches dermal fillers in the cheeks (including upper, mid and lower cheek) tear trough (under eye) rhinoplasty (nose) jawline and chin. This course is 1 day. Hyaluronidase training can also be added to this course (usually £495)

Course Overview

This course will provide you with a recognised accreditation which will enable you to undertake Advanced Dermal Filler Procedures. The course covers advanced techniques for procedures on the nose, tear troughs, upper/lower cheeks, lower face, jawline and chin. Models will be required.

Course Duration

1 area: £395 1/2 day
All areas: £1,495 2 days
Complications & Hyaluronidase: £495
Cannula Techniques: £495
Skin Boosters: £595


For this course you will need to have one of the following:

• Be a registered Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, ODP or Healthcare Professional with previous dermal filler training and ideally 6 months experience.

• Be a level 3 Beauty Therapist with at least 6 months experience in Dermal Fillers.

How will I know if I will pass?

ASK Aesthetics are dedicated to supporting students. There will be an exam to complete at the end of basic botulinum toxin, basic dermal fillers and hyaluronidase courses. There are free refresher days where students can bring a model to go over a treatment if they wish to have refresher training. Students are asked to complete case studies once they complete the course, however this is not mandatory on advanced training courses.

Are courses accredited?

Yes. Courses are accredited by the CPD standards office, this is a national standard that is recognised and used in the NHS.

Who can train?

Anyone with a medical or healthcare background can apply for training, also anyone with a level 3 in beauty. We can discuss applicants with insurance companies linked up with the training academy.

What’s the next step?

You will be sent a booking form to complete, and once a deposit has been paid a date is secured for training. You will also be asked to sign a terms and conditions prior to starting the course where students needs are assessed and the learning that is going to take place is agreed. Once a deposit is paid pre-study materials will be sent (except advanced courses and masterclass’s)

All models are provided for the course, but students are welcome to bring a model along. Models are charged at £99 per treatment.

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Course Structure

• Classroom-based
• 50% Theory, 50% Practical

Learning Objectives

• Client consultation & expectations
• Anatomy revision of chosen areas
• Injection & canula techniques
• Live model injecting
• Complications
• Product choice